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Abaar Group is a company specialised in the drilling, maintenance and clearance of groundwater wells and the supply of all spare parts, pumps, submilers and pipes according to the latest modern systems, science and technology.

Abaar Group is advantaged with its ownership of its own workshops and its own factories for the manufacture and maintenance of equipment, in addition to  obtaining commercial franchise for the major supplying of orders and piping plants. 
The expertise of the Abaar Group company has expanded to be your consultant and your trusted companion on your groundwater search trip from geophysic study to the searching of water and its characteristics to the optimal way to dig the well from Barkshan, Qeson or mechanical drilling to supplying the equipment and ores required for this.

The company's role does not end up at this level, it extends to maintenance and repair contracts and to ensure that everything goes well.

Abaar Group has obtained the Turkish, Indian, Italian, German and Egyptian trademark agency the most prominent in the history of the well-drilling and water search industry, such as KBS, Vansan, Masr Al-Khayr, Masr al-Hijaz, Egypt Al-Nour.

Abaar Group, your trusted consultant.


From Start to ultimate

we go with you through the project step by step, starting with feasibility study ending with preventive maintenance


Great Team

Great Team and Maintenance Center to help and give needed consultancy to assure project success


Guarantee and Trust

10 years guarantee for wells and 2 years for well supplies



More than 25 years Experience in water wells drilling, maintenance and recovery


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طريقة الحفر بالدقاق

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طريقة الحفر بالدقاق تعددت طرق الحفر ولكن تحديد...

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اسباب اعطال الطلمبات الغاطسة

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اعطال الطلمبات الغاطسة : إن أغلب أعطال هذا النوع...

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كيفية اختيار قطاع الكبل

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كيفية اختيار قطاع الكبل  \الطلمبة الغاطسة...

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دورة المياة الطبيعية
  • 25/04/2021

دورة المياة الطبيعية

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 #دورة المياة الطبيعية تتبخر مياه المحيطات...

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