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Abaar Group is one of the specialized companies in the field of drilling, maintenance and disinfection of wells in the Arab Republic of Egypt. The company has the lead in the development and of drilling equipment industry and the development of the drilling system itself, especially semi-automatic drilling equipment (Gayson) and hammering drilling system (Berkaishen)
The company is distinguished from its counterparts that it has its own equipment, maintenance workshops and industry, Abaar is not the only one working in this field, but different from other companies in its experience of more than 25 years in the manufacture and development of drilling equipment, which gave it experience and excellence in this area from other companies. The company is also distinguished that it provides all service of drilling to its customers whether:
Before drilling: Conducting field and environmental studies, including geological and physical (geophysics), which provide the customer with data on whether the area of study has groundwater or not, the nature of the layers and the quality of water and the efficiency of the aquifer in the place to be drilled.
During drilling: Providing equipment that suits the nature of the layers and depths to be performed, whether mechanical drilling (augmentation) or hammering drilling (Berkaishen) or semi-mechanical drilling (Gayson) or the work of wells underground displacement.
After drilling: Providing submersible pump, lifting, maintenance or disinfection of wells, whether by valve, brush, chemicals or air compressor. The company also works in the drilling of all types of wells whether were deep wells (surface —medium — deep) and in all layers (sandy — mud — brick — rock) in addition to the work of soil probes whether to know the layers and the foundation level of buildings or to know the water level and the tank carrying them or drying wells and underground displacement in potable water and sanitation networks.
Abaar Company is also distinguished by providing pumping testing services of all kinds, either phased or continuous, and the necessary reports to determine the quantity of disposal and thick, determine the capacity of the pump and the level of landing and determine the appropriate depth of the submersible pump.
The company also performs all the necessary supplies related to wells: Supplying all types of pipes UPVC (Masr Al Noor — Masr Al Hijaz — Al Fajr — Al Wadi Al Akhdar — Al Sharif Wa Al Amal) with all diameters and thicknesses (4 bar — 6 bar — 10 bar —16 bar)

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